Individual Dance Photography Sessions

with Classical Movement Collective

May 6

-- See details and sign-up below --





Individual Sessions May 7

- 45-minute individual sessions; additional time for collaboration may be available depending on scheduling

- Location: Classical Movement Collective Dance Studio in Rockledge at 1253 Cogswell Street (see maps below)

- White "infinity" background (background and floor); can create shades of grey on background by adjusting lighting; a black background may also be available

- High speed lighting for catching motion!  We love movement and flow!

- Real-time review of images on back of camera or on PC screen to adjust posing

- Bring unlimited wardrobe changes, props

- Bring posing ideas/photos (Google, Instagram, etc.) on your phone if you want

- Bring posing help (friends, parents, instructors)

- We will move at your pace

- Chris, your photographer, is here to work with you on posing ideas; he is not experienced as a dancer, but he has years of experience working with dancers as a photographer; think ahead about the following and he will also help you be aware during your session:

- Know that some poses are just that... poses; you get into the pose and hold it until the flash fires. 

- Know that you can move through your pose and your photographer will capture the moment you want; know that you can move, flow, or jump through it, and that it's ok to fall to the floor... talk with your photographer about what you want, demonstrate ahead of the actual snapping of the shutter, and know it is up to you how many times you want to attempt the pose in order to get the shot

- Typically, the best portraits are when all your arms and legs are visible (none hiding behind your body) and when arms and legs are not pointing toward or away from the camera (this can make them disproportional to the rest of your body)

- Be aware of your facial expressions... be intentional in the moment...will you be smiling or have a serious look? Will you have your eyes closed? Will you be looking at the camera, or off to the side?

- Safety first... know your limits, be aware of when you need a break (we will try to be aware of this and ask/remind you)

- Safety first... understand that you will be on Harlequin Marley dance flooring for white backgrounds; you will be on fabric if we use the black background

- Just remember that this is your session, have fun and know that we are working for you to capture you in your best light

- Be prepared to start at scheduled time

- Be patient if schedules run late

- $205 +tax per 30minute session, per dancer

- Please note that photographs from these sessions may be used in Comstock Photography's portfolio, to include website, social media, marketing material, and in print.


Can't make the available times? 

Want to do a duo, trio?

If you do not see a time slot that works for you, or you want to work with another dancer, please Contact the Photographer to discuss options.  Additional time slots may be considered.  You may also book multiple time slots if you want more time.  Duos, trios, etc. can be scheduled within the 45 minute time slot for an additional fee.


Cancellation Policy

Refunds will be provided (minus any transaction fees) if you cancel in writing (email or text) up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled session time.  Sorry, there is no refund after that.  If you arrive late we will do our best to squeeze you in, but please understand we must honor other clients' scheduled sessions.

Special Offer for On-Location!
Because you scheduled a session, you are eligible for a $100 session credit for an "on-location" (street, beach, outdoors, etc.) dance or family session if booked anytime through the end of 2024. Click here for details for "on-location" sessions, and contact the Photographer to schedule a session.

Image Delivery
- On-line, password-protected galleries

- Delivered within four weeks from day of session*

- Digital Download at Standard Resolution - 2400 pixels on long edge (minimum) at 350 DPI, sufficient for social media, devices, and printing up to about 8"x10"

- Personal copyright release

- High Resolution image files available for purchase, print consultation can be provided upon request

- Photographer selects photographs, actual number of photographs will vary

- A second set of photographs may be provided with Photographer's logo or signature, or both, for social media sharing/credit

- Services include post-processing (developing) of subset of images, selected by the photographer, developed in Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop: color correction, white balance, exposure/lighting adjustments, sharpening, noise reduction, lens correction, etc.

- The Photographer requests photo credits to the Photographer in media (digital or print) and conversation (using “Comstock Photography”, and/or @comstockphoto on Facebook and Instagram). Credit is appreciated, but there is no obligation.

*Photographer will notify Client if delivery will be later, pending extenuating circumstances such as family emergencies,equipment failures, etc.





Classical Movement Collective Dance Studio

1535 Cogswell St.  /  Rockledge

PLEASE NOTE: Entrance is on the side of the building