What's with the Tree?  

My mom's photo - origins of the logo

Lake Down

Windermere, Florida

PrintPrint My logo, created with the help of my good friend

and media partner, Wendy Grey.

And that's my camera hanging in the tree!


I grew up swimming and sailing on Lake Down in Windermere (Florida), west of Orlando, back when there were orange groves and dirt roads.  This is the big oak tree "down at the lake", which was down the street from my house.  There was big field where we played tackle football, a dock we hung out on to watch the fireworks over Disney World, and a boat ramp where I launched my 16-foot Hobie Cat.  The cleanest fresh water around, the smell of the orange blossoms, and endless sunny days was a terrific way to grow up.  We used to tie a dome tent down on the Hobie Cat and "camp" out on the water, back when we had the whole lake all to ourselves... we could watch the fireworks over Disney's Magic Kingdom (where I worked during my high school days), and on some mornings it was so quiet you could have a conversation with the crews in the hot-air balloons as they passed overhead and skimmed the water's surface.


This oak tree represents a cherished time and place in my childhood and teenage years.  It stands majestic and strong, seemingly teaching us how to stick with integrity and honesty in an ever changing world.  Growing just as my family (wife and three kids) has grown.  It just feels like the perfect symbol for the kind of photography I want to create and the kind of business I want to run.  I want the photographs that I create to be cherished by those that I make them for.  I want to be there to continue to document individuals and families as the grow through the years.  And I want to be known for my integrity and honesty, both in my photographs and in the way I conduct business.


I was inspired to create a tree in silhouette by the album art of one of my favorite singer-songwriters, a Floridian by the name of J.J. Grey.  If you want to hear some great music and get a feel for "old Florida" blues/funk/soul/rock, take a listen to J.J. Grey and his band Mofro. 



- Chris

owner and principle photographer at Comstock Photography

established in 2013, but taking pictures since 1978!




My first Hobie,

circa mid 1980's,

on Lake Down



My current Hobie,

a bit more recent,

on Lake Down

JJ Grey and MofroLockloosa

JJ Grey and Mofro

Album, Lockloosa

JJ Grey and MofroOrange Blossoms

JJ Grey and Mofro

Album, Orange Blossoms