With my two "assistants"

About Chris....

Most importantly, and where my heart is, I am a father of two terrific boys and husband to the most wonderful wife.  I'm an engineer and business analyst, proudly working at the Kennedy Space Center for over twenty years.  I am also a firefighter/EMT, volunteering for the city and port in Cape Canaveral for over twenty years.  All these things keep me busy.  Yet, I find  the time to pursue a passion I have had since I had  my first 35mm camera back in the 1980s... taking pictures.  


I love living in the Southeast, growing up in Orlando back when springtime brought the smell of those intoxicating orange blossoms and where I spent my summers working on Main Street, U.S.A (do you know where that is?).  I attended Auburn University as an undergrad, the University of Florida for graduate school, and received a business certificate from Rollins College and a Mousters from Disney University.  I've sailed and surfed the lakes and coastal waters of Central and East Florida since elementary school, and love to call Cocoa Beach home.  My wife and I met in Paraguay... a wonderful story of finding my soul mate.  Ask me about it sometime.


My inspiration for photography came from my mom.  I have watched her take terrific  pictures for years, and learned to appreciate her love of sharing and cherishing images of both people and places.  It's funny how we are both so uptight about keeping backups of our digital images and working to digitize all our film days.  Nothing seems more precious to us than the pictures we have taken over the years.  And I think that is why I take my photography services for others so seriously, because I know how important it can be for my clients.  In the 1990s, I partnered  with one of my best friends to shoot weddings.  Those days planted a seed in me, and ever since then I jump at opportunities to get behind the camera to capture special moments for others.  I continued to shoot with 35mm film until the digital revolution took hold and completely transformed the way images are captured and developed.  I still believe in using the camera, rather than computers, to create composition and style.  I believe that software and digital manipulation should be used to enhance image quality in such areas as exposure, color, sharpness, lens correction, and white balance.  This is the developing process of digital imagery and, along with good composition and style, it is what sets the professionals apart from all others.  I do not believe in digital manipulation to change a person's appearance, except minor and temporary imperfections; so please don't ask me to do this.  A good photographer is one who can set a subject at ease and bring out true beauty... whether it is a wedding or studio portrait, children on a playground, or a live event.  I believe everyone is beautiful and should feel that way about themselves.  When I am behind the lens I feel it is my job to capture that beauty for a brief moment in time for the purpose of holding that moment forever. 


As a photographer, I consider myself a self-taught professional.  Over the past few years I have  taken additional training on-line and at Eastern Florida State Collage.  I primarily use Canon digital cameras and equipment, along with various types of studio lighting.  I am jumping back into 35mm and medium format film cameras, and this option is available upon request.  Studio setup - Merritt Island Studio  I develop my images in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.  I enjoy taking pictures as much as I enjoy teaching others how to take pictures (another future service maybe?).  I also enjoy partnering on jobs and events with other photographers; I truly believe networking and sharing among other photographers can only improve my abilities and will create a more positive community among my peers.  My favorite partner lately has been my older son: he's six years old and I can already see he has an eye for creative composition. Commercial photography gives me the chance to be creative... whether it's a product, an interior space, or an event.  Individual and family portraits... well, it's just a pleasure and an honor to provide lasting moments for people.  And weddings... who doesn't enjoy a big celebration?  I always have so much fun interacting with wedding couples and their families and friends.  



Studio Setup - Cocoa Beach Studio





















What do I use in my work?

Digital Cameras

     - Canon 5D Mark II, 50D, 20D, 10D (all EF Lenses - primes and zooms)

    - Fuji X10

Film cameras - 35mm Canon, medium format Mamiya and Bronica


  - Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop - image developing and editing

  - Photomatix - High Dynamic Range (HDR) imagery (HDR also created in Adobe Photoshop)

  - Datacolor Spyder - high resolution monitor color calibration (ensures accurate color of images)

  - Microsoft Excel and VBA coding - documents and business management (ok... I admit I'm bit of a data geek!)

Studio and Outdoor 

  - Lighting - multiple strobes and on/off camera flashes

  - Constant/continuous lighting (spotlights, Fresnel, ...)

  - Portable backgrounds

  - Softboxes, reflective and shoot-thru umbrellas, reflectors

  - Radio transmitters (between camera and strobes)

  - Generators (high intensity lighting on-location)

Creative Composition Techniques

Technical Knowledge of Imagery/Light and Equipment (built upon a foundation of years in my Engineering Career)

Enthusiasm, Energy, Respect, Integrity, Customer Focus